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Adam Maloney

I was determined to be a Rock ‘n Roll star but, I realized that wasn’t happening.

The music business was tough on me; I stuck with it through college and for a while thereafter. It fed my creative soul until I found a new, more forgiving and successful creative outlet.

Design and architecture always fascinated me; it allowed me to be as creative as I am willing to be. My parents are in the design & build industry and as much as I disliked being dragged around as a child to job sites, antique shops and fabric stores, it had a major influence on me. I studied design a bit in college but developed my style and passion on my own. During that process, I was able to discover and appreciate many aspects of design & architecture. Whether it is extremely ‘over the top’ ornate or a minimalist & stream lined design, I came to realize that there is always someone -a designer, artist or architect- that is the best at what they do. All relative I know, but I think people can be surprised by what they can appreciate.

I joined my family ‘s Antique furniture business in Atlanta, GA in the 90’s and as our import business grew to include custom furniture I learned by trial and error to design furniture. I was curious about the woodworking aspect and decided I should work in the manufacturing facility in order to become a more efficient designer as well as learn about the inner workings of furniture & cabinetry. It inherently affected the way I design, knowing how to build many of the pieces I design from the floor up, so to speak. Also, I wanted to know what the heck I was talking about with the know-it-all woodworker came in the store and drilled me. Interior design was a part of our business and I really enjoyed that aspect too. Space planning, color pallets as well as building material selections & furniture designs were all fascinating to me. Clients liked my work and I liked helping people with their projects. I developed my style through my renderings and creative environment which lead me to Kitchen & Bath design. I became the head Kitchen and Bath guy…OK, I was the only kitchen and bath guy :-). It was a family business after all, but I found myself at the forefront of a new industry. And what an amazing opportunity this afforded me and my ever expanding design education!

During this same time period I began renovating Historic homes. I learned so much by being hands on throughout my first home renovations; there is no better experience for this field . In early 2003, I had the privilege of working on a new construction English Tudor home in Morningside from start to finish. I got to work closely with an amazing young architect and was asked to make key decisions on interior design, all cabinetry elevations and interior & exterior paint colors. This was what I was meant to do! I had to do it for myself. So after fully renovating two early 1920’s Craftsman homes in town, I decided it was time to put my skills to the test on my own custom home. It was a success!

Many amazing projects followed, including work in Manhattan, Connecticut, Birmingham, and Historic Savannah. I have since partnered up with my long time friend, Rachael Buffa, a well respected designer & artist.

My motto is this…
Do you tell a client “this is what you want”? I don’t think so. Discover their vision, incorporate heirloom pieces and find a way to make the finished product the “best interpretation of their style”. No, I don’t read minds. That would be a great help, but I really feel like our design team understands the process and the desires of each of our individual clients. It’s OK to hear “that is exactly what I had in mind”… but great to hear “better than I could have ever imagined!”.

I am very driven. Like I said, I am as creative as I am willing to be and
I am very willing!

No reason to re invent the hubcap.
Don’t DO different just to BE different and don’t be trendy unless you set the trend!